DriverMax scans, updates and backs up missing or outdated drivers on your PC

All of us, at some point in time, had the unfortunate pleasure of having to reinstall their Windows operating system due to viruses, general overcrowding or a simple upgrade to the latest version that we’re simply dying to try. And when the installation finishes, most of us usually notice that there are a few drivers missing (often the most important ones, like the graphics or sound driver). This is when DriverMax comes to the rescue.

First, it scans your entire hardware, compares it to the drivers that you installed already and for the final “piece de resistance” it shows you a list of devices in your computer that have outdated drivers or no drivers at all. All you need to do is lay back, click on the download button and let the software do its magic. And all this is done using the free version of the software. Mind you, there are some limitations like, for instance, no more than two downloads per day at slow download speed (although the new version gives you faster downloads), but if you are looking for a specific driver, DriverMax will do the job. Nevertheless, the features this program offers are definitely worth buying a Pro license.

Think about it, besides this awesome feature of finding that pesky driver, which has alluded you for God knows how long, and installing it automatically, DriverMax also backs up your entire driver database in case your Windows goes on the fritz again. All that the program asks of you is that you open an account with them, which is completely free. So, next time you have to reinstall your system, you won’t be looking all across the Internet to find that right driver that works, DriverMax will have all your drivers ready for install. I don’t know about you, but I'm convinced this gem of a program is definitively worth shelling out a few bucks for the complete DriverMax package.

Speaking of which, if you are a professional computer technician, this software in its Pro version needs to be in your standard tool box.

The software has other features as well: in the main window you will see a button called "Popular hardware". In there you will be redirected to the DriverMax official site where you can find out, for instance, what graphic cards are all the rage now, same goes for CPU's and a few other pieces of hardware.

In the end, I have to say that personally I'm not that fond of the program's interface. It looks a lot like Windows 8 styling, but poorer. Also, the "Popular hardware" part of the program is, in my view, an afterthought. Apart from that and a few other minor things, I think this software is one of the most useful ones out there and a must-have utility for home users and professionals alike.

Savo Maric
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  • A must-have tool for home users and professionals alike, the way it deals with a mayor problem with such ease is really impressive
  • You can use it totally free, especially if you're looking for a few hard to find drivers
  • I was truly impressed with some of the drivers it "dug" up. We’re talking prehistoric here
  • The "back up drivers" option is very useful


  • I don't like the look of the program, too "bling" and a little childish
  • The "Popular hardware" part of the program was an afterthought
  • Before you can use the software, you have to open an account. Not a big deal, worth mentioning
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