DriverMax is a program devoted to keep your system drivers up to date
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DriverMax is a program devoted to keep your system drivers up to date. Your PC is a bunch of devices working together. Each part of your computer must be controlled by little pieces of information called drivers. This information tells your operating system how to deal with the different components in your system. Drivers are constantly updated, in order to enhance the functioning of your devices. DriverMax goal is to keep you informed of the latest updates for your drivers, by searching them in the Internet. When you install the program, it will start a feature named "DriverMax Agent", that will search for your system´s components. This will come in useful to look for the upgraded drivers. In order to use the service, you will need to get a free account, and use it to login in the service website. If you do so, your default browser will open showing you the list of drivers installed in your system, and will identify those that are outdated, with a link to download the updated drivers. If you´re a free user, your daily downloads will be restricted. The program allows you to install new drivers, roll back to the previously installed and make a backup of your currently installed ones.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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  • It´s a nice solution to keep your drivers updated


  • The download links don´t allow you to download the drivers directly, the program will do that for you
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